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Electric Hair Curler

Electric Hair Curler-Luxuriant Hairs

Electric Hair Curler

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Silent Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler Electric Wave Volume Temperature Adjustable

Features:Instructions: 1. Make sure the hair is clean, dry and well groomed. 2. Three temperature settings, the switch moves to the specified heating setting, and can be used when the indicator stops flashing. 3. Three time settings 0-custom 8 seconds - natural wave loose type, micro curl 10 seconds - soft and moderate, soft curl 12 seconds - compact, strong curl There will be a tone during use, and the last 4 rings will indicate completion. 4. Move to "L", "R", "A" - "Left", "Right", "Auto", indicating the direction of the curl, each part of the hair does not exceed 3cm width. 5. The opening part of the curler must face the head 6. Fix the curls where you want to start curling. This part of the hair must straighten through the middle of the curler. Note: The time setting of “0” is selected without a beep, so be careful when using this setting.

Specification:Product Name: Multi-function hair curler Net weight: 800g Gross weight: 960g Size: 35*13*9cm

Packing List:1xproduct


Function:Function: Curly Hair

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